Motorised Roller Shutters

Motorised Roller Shutters

Why choose our Window Roller Shutters

If your home it getting too hot in your home consider window roller shutters.  Our window roller shutters have the following key points.

  • Proudly manufactured in Adelaide at a state of the art production facility.
  • 30 Years of experience and development in Roller shutters and motorisation.
  • Prevents up to 90% of Summer heat entering glass – creating home comfort and saving $$$.
  • Retains warmth from Winter sun and internal heating – Creating comfort and saving $$$.
  • Protects internal furnishings, carpet and furniture from fading.
  • Eliminates condensation on the inside of the windows – stops timber rotting.
  • Reduces internal window furnishing costs
  • Sound dampening effect for bedrooms, noisy environments – quieter home environment
  • Variable light control – From near blockout to filtered light conditions as needed.
  • Window protection – From weather and accidental damage.
  • Extruded shutter profiles – long spans, no unsightly joins, added security.
  • 5 year Adelaide based limited warranty on all shutters and motors*

The 42mm Profile / Slat:

  • Marine grade special aluminium alloy – Strong / Lightweight / Non Rusting.
  • High density polyurethane core – adds superb insulation qualities and strength.
  • 3 layer durable finish process – Rich, long lasting colours. Resists fading and oxidising.
  • Easier to clean.
  • Specially engineered curve – Rolls tighter into smaller, more compact pelmets.
  • 15 Colours – Largest colour range for easier selection.

The Motors:

  • European Motors – Highest quality Simu (French) made motors for 240 volt (and now 12 volt PowerSmart AND SolarSmart shutters!)
  • 60 years’ experience for Strong, quiet extremely reliable motorisation operation.
  • 5 Year Adelaide based guarantee – for peace of mind.
  • Many operating options – Switch, Remote controls, Sun Sensor, Solar Powered etc.

The Axles:

  • Aluminium for long life. Lightweight. Non Rusting.
  • Octagonal shape – strong non flexing.
  • Smaller rolling diameter than round axles – smaller pelmet size. Aesthetic.
  • Sealed bearings for quieter, smoother, long lasting operation.

The Pelmets and guides:

  • Powdercoated Aluminium – Non rusting, lightweight, long lasting. The Felted Security Springs: Felt covered to protect the rolling surface against scratches and wear marks